Stock building

Through the years, we bought several direct pigeons at the grandmaster from Baarle Nassau, namely Ad Schaerlaeckens. We also bought direct pigeons form the super fanciers Bas and Gerard Verkerk from Reeuwijk. That especially Ad Schaerlaeckens and Bas and Gerard Verkerk helped the combination with some great pigeons shows at the results overview – first prices – head prices – chain results and Teletext entries (27x).

We also bought several pigeons from top fanciers.

In 2014 – 2015 and 2017 we did due the friendly relationship some great reinforcements from Ad Schaerlaeckens (11x) from the pigeons with which he did fly very hard. Just those pigeons came to Doetinchem, and just to get better results at the highest level. In 2012 we did buy some direct Verkerk pigeons.

In our breeding loft we pair a part of breeders clear and a part is crossed, that the crossings between Schaerlaeckens x Verkerk are very successful shows again the results overview.

The breeding loft is build with 16 pairs at the moment – for more information see the photos and pedigrees under the item breeders in the menu.

The many first prices – head prices – chain results and the Teletext entries (27x) are the highlights of the past years.

The combination is convinced about that is all about good pigeons. Our pigeons are characterized as character full pigeons and with ultimate soft feathers, the pigeon of today. That is probably why there are o many other fanciers which did succeed with the “van Heteren” pigeons !! It is a privilege to have such pigeons at your loft !!


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